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I hated the battle

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



I used to really hate the battle.

It was about half a year since I first landed on Eorzea (it was a while after STORMBLOOD was released at that time, and it took me half a year to clear the whole story,) I really didn’t like the battle, and the dungeon in the story was painful.


Thinking back now, why did I spend so many hours every day, why did it take me half a year to clear it ?

Originally, I started looking forward to the “story” of FF14, so I always thought, “I wonder if I can’t skip while the battle” in each dungeon.

Also, when I started this game, I did a preliminary investigation and found that “Dragon is easy” on the net, so I started as a Dragon. (Thinking now, it’s not at all easy… obviously wrong information. lol)

Because it was such a thing, the story ended without going beyond the dungeons that are essential to the story. Of course, each dungeon is only once.

By the way, at this point, I didn’t even have any friends, let alone FC, and I never even chatted.

In this way, the story somehow ended, and the level of “Dragon” reached the upper limit. Next, admiring the AF equipment of the “Warrior” I saw on the official website, I went around the Palace of the dead (DD) and started raising the level of the warrior.
I didn’t even think of going leveling roulette at that time. With DD, the tank is not that difficult.

However, the woman we met together in this DD came to me in anticipation of my movements and told me a “range attack”. This is my first chat.

Norirow learned Overpower.


After leaving DD, I made friends for the first time and at the same time she invited me to FC, and I didn’t know what FC was, but I belonged to FC for the first time.

Since I entered FC, my life in Eorzea has changed completely, and the scenery I have been seeing has changed.

I knew for the first time that there was such a warm place, and I had no choice but to have fun and fun every day.

I still love that FC. I often wonder what all the members of that time are doing now. It’s an ordinary word, but I’m just grateful… It was really fun. I think that this is MMO, and I could finally touch the real pleasure.

However, everyone invites me to go to the dungeon such as “Leveling Roulette” every day, but I dislike it, I can not fight, I gradually become inferior, and every day I am in agony, and it becomes painful It became.

One day, when I couldn’t stand it, I left FC.

After leaving the FC, I started living alone again in the apartment.

I was thinking of living a comfortable life without the battle.

But… there was some regret.

“I think I lost something and just ran away.”

I felt like that, and there was something stuck in my heart.

At that time, something suddenly awoke in me.


“I don’t want to lose”

Suddenly, I wanted to clear “Hells’ Kier (Extreme)” which was one of the most difficult contents at that time.

The latest “Extreme” content was a goal I had never thought of before. However, after that, I will turn the skill every day and repeat the content preparation, and after that, the goal will be reached after a while.

And I noticed it for the first time.

This game is certainly hard for those who don’t like the battle, but the battle is just “accustomed.”

“This enemy uses this kind of gimmick.” “The order is like this.” “Because this is the head split, everyone gathers.” “If the enemy starts this pose or chant, it’s a range attack…” etc.

As I was going again and again, I was naturally accustomed to it.


Suzaku-san told me that it was all that.

Maybe Tenzen’s blessing.


Since then, the other dungeons are a little less scary.

I didn’t understand it until now, but it’s a mark for head splitting, so if you get out, you’ll gather, if you see an eye mark, look backwards, and if you get a mark for a range attack, avoid it… almost any dungeon, there is a common gimmick.

So I’ve come to think that any dungeon or raid boss wouldn’t be that hard once they were’accustomed’.

After that, I was able to relieve my pain and to love the world more and more.

So, if there’s someone who doesn’t like battle, I want to tell you.

In this world, “good or bad” regarding battle is only the difference between “accustomed and unaccustomed”. It’s just the difference in play time.

And that “habituation” will come before you realize it, and the difference between good and bad will disappear before you know it.

So you don’t have to worry about that.

And once you get used to it and you can enjoy the battle to some extent, you can even try to collect wonderful equipment.

There are many cool and cute equipments in this world.

And lots of nice mounts.

Fun will spread.

But in this world, if you don’t like battle, you don’t have to go to battle.

Just like I was having a fun day without being involved in combat for half a year, I saw beautiful scenery, dressed up, shot SS, and so on.

Nowadays, I’ve been going to battle to some extent, but it’s rather because I have the equipment I want to Glamours.

There are so many ways to enjoy this world.

Because it’s an MMO, it’s fun to communicate with people, and sometimes vice versa.

And even if you’re not good at communication, it’s a world where you can enjoy solo enough.

Although this world is an RPG, it may be more like a “life” game.

Each person has their own way of enjoying.

All you have to do is live the life you feel most comfortable with.

This is a really nice world. It’s a world with many possibilities.

There is “freedom” here.

I think it’s best to have your own way of enjoying it.


I’m having so much fun, so let’s have fun together !

What the story is ?


Thank you for reading. See you !