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Fairy King Titania “The King’s Axe” available at The Dancing Plague (Extreme)

Warrior weapons have many rugged designs, but this is a really elegant and a little cute ax “The King’s Axe.”


A design that seems to flap like a butterfly.

The details are very elaborate and it is a really beautiful axe.

It’s quite volumey, and it’s quite an impact when Lalafell carries it on his back.

No matter how sturdy the clothes are, they look very elegant.

The thickness is unexpectedly not so much. As it has a three-layer structure, it does not feel so thick.

This “The King’s Axe” is rarely available at The Dancing Plague (Extreme).


This doesn’t have any effects in particular, but I’m really looking forward to the design with effects that will come out.

How many years will it be…?


It is a very elegant and lovely axe.

Wouldn’t you like to change jobs as a warrior if you had such a wonderful axe? ✨

極ティターニア討滅戦・戦士斧『ティターニアアクス』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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