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Fairy King Titania, The Dancing Plague (Extreme) Machinist Gun “The King’s Handgonne”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



This gun is so cute✨

The King’s Handgonne” is a Machinist gun that can be obtained in the “The Dancing Plague (Extreme)“.

I think that it is a gun with a very sophisticated design that combines a metallic feel and natural cuteness. The person who can design this is really amazing!

Cute gun…

I wonder what it’s like… Aunt Dora’s gang might have it in “Castle in the Sky”.

When you hit it, it feels like a “passing” sound is heard.


Will it reach you…(・_・;

When I looked up “Handgonne”, it seemed to mean “portable cannon”, and it sounded just “passed”!

Is it correct?


When Lalafell carries his back, it looks like this.

I carry it on a slightly higher position.

If you look closely, there are some revolver-like elements, and it is not only cute but it is also pretty cool ✨

This is a really sophisticated and favorite design.

I’m really looking forward to the version with effects that will appear soon✨

Shining version is now available!

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