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Fairy King Titania, The Dancing Plague (Extreme) Dark Sword “The King’s Guillotine”

A dark knight’s sword “The King’s Guillotine” that can be obtained with the reward of “The Dancing Plague (Extreme)”.

I think this is a really beautiful Dark Sword.


…should I call it the Dark “Fairy” Sword?

When Lalafell is carried on his back, it feels like this and the balance is just right.

It looks like a butterfly wing ✨

The design of the handle is also very nice.

There are also leaf-like decorations and it is a very nice finish ✨


I don’t know how to cut the opponent with this blade…

I think you’re cutting off the opponent with the magical powers of the fairies.


I don’t know how to cut the opponent with this blade, but maybe I’ll cut it off with the fairy’s magical power or something.

There are no effects in particular, but maybe someday this evolved equipment will appear and show a beautiful effect. I’m looking forward to it ✨

Many dark swords are cool, but I think this is a gem that combines coolness and cuteness.

It’s a very favorite design ✨

暗黒騎士・両手剣『ティターニアディバイダー』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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