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Machinist AF3 Gun Evolved Eureka Weapon Third form “Outsider Anemos”

Machinist AF3’s “Antiquated Outsider” can be evolved with The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos.

The so-called “Eureka Weapon”.

This is “Outsider Anemos” that can be obtained during the evolution process.


If you evolve it, you can dye it and it will look cool ✨

This gun has a very warlike design.

Is it a kind of machine gun?

This gun has something like a circular magazine.

If you look closely, you can see that the details are elegantly decorated, the muzzle is wide, and the design is very elaborate and classic.

Originally a glossy black, this is dyed with soot black to give it a slightly matte finish.


When you remove the sword, it emits a sparkle ✨

It’s hard to understand in the picture…


Check out the video below!

This way of shining is very beautiful ✨

Eureka has a nice field and is a favorite place.

The difficulty level has been alleviated, so it’s relatively easy to evolve… maybe?

It’s a warlike gun, but it makes it a little milder, and it may be easier to carry around if you dye it and suppress a little gloss✨

エウレカウェポン機工士銃『アウトサイダー・アネモス』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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