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Anima weapon’s very cute minion “Anima”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.


I will not tell you the details, but this minion is really cute ✨


You can get it by advancing the story of Anima Weapon.

Somehow the color is beautiful, and the smiling expression is also very cute.


Sometimes it makes me happy and this is also cute.

Is she greeting you?


When I saw the English version, I knew for the first time, apparently she seems to have the name “Anima”.


I don’t understand that in Japanese stories, so it’s interesting that there are some parts that I notice when I see the English version.

I’m so happy that I’m traveling together Minion✨

Minions are also essential for adventure.

Thank you so much for creating a wonderful travel system✨

Anima Weapon (AW) Machinist’s Arm “All Stages” Look Summary

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