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[Glamours] Eastern Mafia? “Far Eastern Officer’s Uniform” featuring a long coat and accessories with arm equipment (Lalafell Ver.)

This is an oriental costume set “Far Eastern Officer’s Uniform


It’s a nice design that is hard to find in existing costumes.

Far Eastern Officer’s Uniform

This set is a billing equipment that can be purchased at the FF14 online store. (Men only)

It’s a bit like a mafia.


I wonder if the hat looks like that … The clothes are more like civilians than military attachés.

The body equipment is a long coat with an oriental design on a white glossy inner.

The equipment of the hand is characteristic, and the bracelet is worn only on the left hand.


It’s a fashionable piece of equipment with bare hands and accessories only for the left hand. It seems that it is easy to coordinate various other things.

The legs are slender pants and the shoes are very fashionable, but unfortunately Lalafell is too small to benefit from it …

If Lalafell had a little bigger legs, the shoe design would look great.


Dyeing pattern

The original color is purple. The inner is not dyed, but the others are completely different.

Original color

Wine Red

Snow White

Soot Black


This is an important costume that a loved one gave me as a gift.

I’m happy to wear what I got from a loved one.

So it was a record of “Far Eastern Officer’s Uniform“.

▼ Please check the video for the movement of the fabric !

【ミラプリ】『東方武官衣装セット』(ララフェル男子Ver.)~Final Fantasy XIV~

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