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[Glamour] Fighting cook’s clothes that can be worn for all jobs “Valentione Apron Attire”

I found a wonderful treasure today.

This is the billing equipment “Valentione Apron Attire” that can be purchased at the FF14 online store.


It’s a cute cook’s clothes.

I’m glad I can wear this outfit for all jobs.


Valentione Apron Attire

This is a men’s equipment that can be purchased from the FF14 online store, but there is also a women’s “Valentione Apron Dress Attire” that has almost the same design.

The head equipment is a hat with a pretty heart and a lot of volume.

The torso equipment is clothes with an apron with a very nice scarf.

I carry a measuring spoon on the front of the apron.

A pocket watch is provided on the shoulder to keep time for cooking. And the equipment of the hand is heat-resistant gloves with a heart.

The leg equipment is fashionable so that it looks like border socks. The foot equipment is a fairly voluminous forehead shoe.


This leg and foot equipment is useful because it is easy to match with various coordination.

The range of coordination can be expanded because it can be dyed.


Dyeing pattern

Slate Grey

Olive Green


You can wear all the jobs, so if you have a weapon, it will look like a “fighting cook”.

It is the equipment that was obtained at the event that once existed. It ’s very easy to use and I ’m happy about this.


So it was a record of the billing equipment “Valentione Apron Attire” that can be purchased at the FF14 online store.

▼ Please check the video for the movement of the fabric!

【ミラプリ】戦うコックさん『ヴァレンティオンエプロンアタイア』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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