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Which is better for Xbox or PS5 (DualSense) when it comes to gamepads for Windows PCs? [for FF14]

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.

It’s an impression of playing FF14 for a while using “Xbox controller” and “PS5 controller (DualSense)” on a Windows PC …

To be honest, there is not much difference between them and you can play comfortably!

Of course, it’s a gamepad from two major brands … I think it’s natural.

By the way, I use both by wire.

※ Here, the Xbox wireless controller (QAS-00005) and the DualSense wireless controller (CFI-ZCT1J) are used.

The difference is …

Difference in position between stick and cross key

The biggest difference between the Xbox controller and the PS5 controller is the position of the stick on the left and the cross key, but both are not as uncomfortable as you might think, and you should get used to it immediately.

Difference in stamping feeling

Regarding the feeling of stamping the cross key,

  • the Xbox controller is a “tick” type
  • the PS5 controller is a “silence” type

This is the part where likes and dislikes are divided.

Pre-setting is a little troublesome for PS5

However, since the “vibration function” does not work just by connecting the PS5 controller, it is necessary to start it via Steam every time.

Also, when I first connected the PS5 to USB, it seemed to be recognized as a speaker, and I was surprised that I couldn’t hear the BGM. It is OK if you change the sound output destination in the Windows settings.

Only for these, the PS5 controller is a bit of a hassle, and Microsoft’s Xbox controller still has an advantage.

For those who say, “I’m really mechanically sick and don’t know the PC settings at all!”, The Xbox controller may be better. But, well, I don’t think there is so much superiority or inferiority because it is only a simple setting.

Difference in weight

In terms of weight (the Xbox controller is battery operated and the PS5 controller is built-in), neither is that different. If wired, the Xbox controller is lighter by the amount you can remove the battery.

However, it’s a matter of taste, so it’s hard to say which one is better. Some would say that it’s better to have some weight.

After all, it’s a matter of design preference

I think the only thing left is the design preference.

  • The Xbox controller has a colorful ABXY button and is a little cute, and it’s cool that the Xbox button in the center is always shining. The surface is processed to be non-slip.
  • The PS5 controller has a somewhat SF-like design, it looks like Gundam and is cool, and it is good that the color of the LED light can be changed. The surface is smooth.

That’s the difference.

After using it for a while, it’s easy to operate both, and it doesn’t change so much, so it doesn’t matter which one!

It was a feeling that …

Rest assured that both are comfortable to use.

So, it was the impression of the gamepad for Xbox and PS5.

For your reference.

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