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Bard’s Resistance Weapon (RW) Second Form, Shining Fashionable Metal Bow “Brilliance Recollection”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.

Bard Arm

This is the weapon “Brilliance Recollection” which is the second form (third stage) of the resistance weapon (RW) of the bard.


A very cute bow shined!

Just carrying it on your back is exactly the same as the first stage “Brilliance“.

The balance between the metallic feel and the green and pink feathers is very fashionable.


It glows when you hold the bow.

Something like a green aura emanates from the bow, and a line of light circulates around the bow, which is very beautiful.

The body of the bow itself also emits light so that it can be seen through.

I don’t think the glowing effect can be conveyed by photos alone, so check it out in the video below.

How to evolve

The evolution to this second form requires the steps of ① Brilliance → ② Augmented Brilliance → ③ Brilliance Recollection.

② How to make Augmented Brilliance

First of all, how to make ② “Augmented Brilliance”

You need to collect 20 items each, “Tortured Memory of the Dying“, “Sorrowful Memory of the Dying“, and “Harrowing Memory of the Dying“.

These three items will drop within the Bozjan Southern Front Front area. Also, drop 100% at F.A.T.E. in the Heavensward & Stormblood area. You may collect them in Bozjan to raise the level and obtain other items.

③ How to make an Brilliance Recollection

Next, you need to collect 6 items called “Bitter Memory of the Dying“.

You can also collect this in the Bozjan Southern Front, but it is actually faster to collect it there because you will always drop one in the leveling roulette or Lv60 dungeon. (Leveling roulette is once a day, Lv60 dungeon cannot be lifted)


I really like the design of this bow, so I’m glad it shines ♪

I’m glad this bow was cute even if it didn’t shine.


I use it according to my mood ♪

So, it was a record of the bard’s Resistance Weapon (RW) second form (third stage) “Brilliance Recollection“.

▼ Check out the video to see what the effects look like!

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