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[Glamours] A cute kimono from the Heian period, “Lord’s Suikan Set” (Lalafell Ver.)

This is a kimono “Lord’s Suikan Set” that can be purchased at the FF14 online store.


It’s a pretty kimono.

In addition, the “Lord’s Suikan Set” that can be purchased from the FF14 online store includes only the body equipment “Lord’s Suikan” and the foot equipment “Little Lord’s Clogs“. The leg equipment I’m wearing here is “Pagos Gaskins

I wish I had the leg equipment included in the set.


It has a very cute design, and the cut-back color and plum blossoms are a very nice accent.

The wrinkles are also more beautiful.

The embroidery on the back is also pretty cool.

The foot equipment that comes as a set is clogs, so I feel that such short leg equipment suits you better.


What is “suikan”?

Kimono from the Heian period.


Also, since it can be dyed, you can create various images.

Dyeing pattern

Original Color

Wine Red

Olive Green

Ink Blue

This “Lord’s Suikan Set” is for men only, but there is also a women’s equipment “Lady’s Suikan Set” with almost the same design.


It’s a very cute design, so it’s a costume that seems to be useful in various scenes.

So, it was a record of the billing equipment “Lord’s Suikan Set” that can be purchased at the FF14 online store.

▼ Please check the video for the movement of the fabric!

平安時代の和装『殿方水干衣装セット』(ララフェルVer.)~Final Fantasy XIV~

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