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Efficient collection of Allagan Tomestone “Astronomy”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



As of March 2023, Mandaville Weapon Stages 1 and 2 each require 1,500 Allagan tomestones astronomy.

I tried arranging the contents that astronomy is easy to collect in order.


Like this, I did it little by little every day, starting from the top♪

*The number on the far right is calculated by dividing by the approximate required time to calculate the number of “astronomy” that can be acquired per minute. However, it will change depending on the content you win in the roulette, so it’s just a “rough guideline”!

number of astronomyefficiency per minute
1Endwalker Mob Hunt A Tour30016
2Roulette level 90 (100 + 50)15010
3Roulette Trials6010
4Roulette normal6010
5Roulette Expert (60+80)1409.3
6Roulette level 50/60/70/801208
7Shadowbringers Mob Hunt A Tour1108
8Roulette leveling1006.6
9Roulette Alliance (+100 for Myths of the Realm)120~2206~7
10Lapis Manalis / The Fell Court of Troia805.3
11Roulette Frontline (50+50)1004
12Alzadaal’s Legacy604
13Crystalline Conflict204
14Roulette Main Quest1003.3
15Euphrosyne / Aglaia (Myths of the Realm)1003.3
16Eureka Orthos603.3
17The Dead Ends / Smileton / The Stigma Dreamscape503.3
18Front line502
19Treasure Hunt102

If you only think about efficiency, you should do it in this order from the top. But, for example, if you want to increase the price of enhancement of Eureka Orthos, you can go to Eureka Orthos. If you want to collect equipment for an ID somewhere, go to that ID. It was a great round to have so many options.


Both the first stage and the second stage are “astronomy” collections, and I feel that there were pros and cons at first. However, when I think about it this way, I think it was the right answer because there was a wide range of content to choose from to play. I never got tired of it♪

It may have been a good choice as it can prevent overconcentration and depopulation of content.


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