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Because it is a special effort, FF11 collaboration “Amatsu” equipment cosplay

“Amatsu” equipment that can be acquired at Final Fantasy XIcollaboration event “The Maiden’s Rhapsody“.

Apparently it’s a collaboration event that has been recovered every few years.

Since it’s a great deal, I wore it and tried shooting.

It’s kind of Japanese clothes, so I took it with a samurai.

The back has a little peacock-like decoration.

Equipment that can be acquired at the event is a set of 5 “Amatsu” equipment.


I’ve never been to the Vana’diel world, but I want to try it.

It seems to be an event held every few years, so if you could not go to this event, maybe you should wait a while again.


FF11コラボ『天つ水影流』装備コスプレ~Final Fantasy XIV~

Thank you for reading. See you !:)